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Free Webinar for Educators

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Body Interact Webinar

18 April 10:00 AM (EST)

45 minutes

Unlocking Competency-Based Learning: Advantages Over Traditional Education Models


  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of competency-based learning
  • Explore the difference between Competency-Based Education and Traditional Education Models.
  • Discover how virtual patients can elevate simulation-based learning experiences.
  • Provide strategies and resources to implement competency-based learning effectively

Ana Santa, APRN, MSN

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Medicine / Nursing

24 April 15:00 PM (WEST)

30 minutes

Exploring the Role of Virtual Patients in Reducing Medical Errors


  • Patient Safety: Errors in healthcare can lead to adverse events, harm, or even death for patients. Addressing and preventing these errors is essential to protect patients from unnecessary harm.
  • Quality Improvement: Identifying and addressing medical errors is essential to improving the overall quality of healthcare delivery. By understanding why errors occur and implementing strategies to prevent them, the quality of care provided to patients can be enhanced

Daniela Abreu – Body Interact Instructional Designer

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